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Buy Used Tickets

In April, Emily, a graduate student in Minneapolis, was trying to find two last-minute tickets to see Jorja Smith, an English R&B singer. The tickets sold at the venue were out of her price range, so she looked for someone selling extra ones online.

buy used tickets

Reselling tickets on secondary sites such as StubHub, an online ticket exchange owned by eBay, for a higher price than the original ticket is also an issue. Many consumers view it as unethical, according to the Aventus report.

If you're excited about seeing an adored artist or important game, it might be easier to miss red flags when buying tickets online. Scalpers generally have real tickets to sell while scammers do not, said Katherine Hutt, a national spokesperson for the Better Business Bureau. Both are financially motivated and use a combination of scarcity and immediacy to lure consumers.

Buying as early as possible means you have a lower chance of purchasing tickets that are fake or have an inflated price. Purchasing directly from the venue or on a verified site such as Ticketmaster is your best bet, said Hutt.

If you're able to have tickets digitally transferred to you through a platform like Ticketmaster's fan to fan exchange, you will know that they've been reverified, said Burleigh from Ticketmaster. That's better than buying a paper ticket on a street corner, said Burleigh.

Ticket offices sell all LIRR and MNR ticket types and also offer certain MetroCard options when purchased with LIRR tickets. You can pay with cash, credit or debit cards, and some transit benefit cards. For LIRR tickets, you can use a personal check for monthly, weekly, and ten-trip tickets, or five or more one-way tickets.

Off-peak tickets will be "stepped up" to the peak fare when presented on peak trains. Step-up fares and extension-of-ride fares, which are charged for traveling beyond the stations listed on the ticket, will be rounded up to the next dollar.

Note that transit benefit providers are independent of the MTA. If we refund tickets purchased through a pre-tax program, the money will be credited back to the benefit card you used to make the purchase.

Do I need a credit card to purchase tickets?Yes, you will need a valid MasterCard or Visa to purchase tickets using the mobile app or the MuniMobile website. You can also pay using your PayPal account, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

When should I purchase my tickets? Purchase your tickets any time before boarding as long as you have a cellular network or wireless connection. All tickets can be used for 90 days after purchase. Passports can be used until January 31 of the following year.

Do I need a wireless connection to purchase tickets or use a ticket?Yes, you will need a cellular network or wireless connection to purchase tickets. However, once you have purchased tickets, you do not need a network or wireless connection to use a ticket because they are stored on your phone.

Do I use MuniMoble on the Clipper readers or on the fare gates in metro stations?No, Clipper is not available on MuniMobile at this time. Follow the instructions above to activate and use MuniMobile tickets.

When using multiple tickets, the ticket that you display to the station agent, fare inspector, or proof of payment officer will show which types of tickets and the number of tickets used for the group.

I purchased tickets but have not used them yet. How long will they last?Unused tickets are valid up to 90 days after purchase (as is the case with tickets purchased from a vending machine).

Why can't Clipper be added now?This app was designed for Muni. Clipper is used by 22 different transit agencies across the Bay Area. There are intricacies trying to incorporate the two. We want our customers to have options.

Why is the Day Pass only available on MuniMobile and at the Farebox?The new MuniMobile Day Pass is designed to provide customers with a convenient new option, reduce fare collection costs, and speed up service by reducing vehicle dwell times caused by customers paying cash fares. As new product launches on Clipper can require a year or more to implement, we decided to pilot the Day Pass on MuniMobile and at the farebox as a first step. During the pilot we will evaluate demand and explore an expansion to Clipper if appropriate.

What should I do if I get a new phone?Your tickets are stored on your phone (which makes it possible to use them without an internet connection), so you need to transfer your tickets from your old phone to your online account before resetting your phone, uninstalling MuniMobile, or installing or logging into MuniMobile on a new device.

What should I do if my phone was lost or stolen? If your phone was lost or stolen, please email for assistance locking your phone and/or transferring tickets to a new phone.

What if I lost my device, or I purchased the wrong ticket? Can I get a refund?No, MuniMobile tickets are non-refundable with the exception of cable car tickets or passports activated during verifiable cable car service outages. Additional information can be found on our Refund Policy page.

What should I do if I want to reset my phone or conduct a major upgrade?Your tickets are stored on your phone (which makes it possible to use them without an internet connection), so you need to transfer your tickets from your old phone to your online account before resetting or upgrading your phone. Be sure and transfer tickets before you start the resetting or upgrading process.

If I purchase tickets via the website, can I use them on my phone?Yes, when you purchase tickets via the MuniMobile website, the tickets will be downloaded to your phone automatically.

How many tickets can I purchase at one time? How many tickets can be stored on the MuniMobile app?Your MuniMobile app account can store up to 60 individual tickets, and customers can purchase up to 60 tickets at one time.

Can I use the same phone/phone number for multiple MuniMobile accounts?No, the mobile phone number associated with a MuniMobile app account is a unique identifier, and can only be used with one MuniMobile app account.

Primary tickets, purchased directly from RODEOHOUSTON, and verified secondary market tickets are available for purchase on the same page at Once secondary market tickets are available to purchase, they will appear in the link as a different color than primary market tickets. Secondary market tickets may be available prior to the public on sale(s) via its own link, should a Rodeo season ticket holder decide to sell their tickets for a specific night, but those secondary market tickets will be taken off sale during the public onsale. The 2023 public onsale date will be announced at a later time. After the public onsale traffic has peaked, primary and secondary tickets will be available to purchase on the same page at, identified with different colors.

In your Rodeo Ticket Account, you can view all your RODEOHOUSTON tickets and all AXS purchases for any venue that uses AXS as their ticket provider. You can also use your Rodeo Ticket Account to transfer tickets to another party and sell tickets on the RODEOHOUSTON verified secondary market. If you sell tickets through your account, you can also use the account to initiate balance transfers from your ticket sales.

All tickets will be delivered electronically via AXS Mobile ID; please allow 48 hours for delivery. To access your purchased tickets, download the AXS mobile app and log in with the email used to purchase tickets.

Season Passes are valid only on specified regular operating days during the season printed on the card. Lost, stolen, or misplaced Season Passes may be replaced for a fee of $15 at Guest Relations. A Season Pass cannot be used by any other individual; only the owner of the Season Pass may use the pass. One ticket, voucher or season pass per person. No cancellations, refunds, rain checks or exchanges; tickets will not be replaced if lost, stolen or unused. Tickets may not be copied or resold and may be used only once. Duplication will result in revocation without refund and ejection. To request a name change, purchaser must accompany the new guest, and present photo ID and ticket/voucher at Guest Relations. Ticket or Season Pass voucher not valid at other parks, or during private parties/blackout dates. Operating dates, hours, prices and policies subject to change without notice. May not be combined with any other offers or discounts. Some special events may require an additional charge. Prices, dates, hours, and attraction availability are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to be closed to the public and season pass holders for private events. Availability of rides, shows and attractions are subject to change without notice. A ticket or pass is a revocable license and may be confiscated with no refund of purchase price. Violation of park rules will result in expulsion. A copy of park rules is available upon request. Conduct that is disorderly, disruptive or in poor taste is prohibited. Clothing with inappropriate/offensive words, phrases or graphics are prohibited. While in the theme park (if applicable), shirts and footwear with soles must be worn at all times. Only tickets/season pass vouchers obtained from Wild Waves Theme & Water Park or offices authorized by Wild Waves Theme & Water Park to sell/distribute will be honored. Not valid if reproduced in any manner. Resale of tickets/passes is strictly prohibited. Due to maintenance and other circumstances, certain rides and attractions (including new rides) may not be open to the public. Admission to certain rides, shows, attractions, special events and concerts may require an additional charge or be subject to pre-sold admission. Tube and other rentals, merchandise, food, games and arcades require additional fees. The bearer of the ticket or season pass voucher grants Wild Waves Theme & Water Park the right to film/video/photograph the bearer on park property for any purpose without payment or consideration thereof. Wild Waves Theme & Water Park assumes no responsibility for accident or loss to any person in connection with the condition or use of the park, rides and amusements or their entrance into or departure from the park. 041b061a72

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