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Adding Strm Files To The Library Xbmc

It's just saying that you can import your Kodi strm files in your Emby server to centralize and control the metadata, artwork and watched status. The strm file playback can only happen in Kodi because it depends on a Kodi add-on to work.

Adding Strm Files To The Library Xbmc

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The only way to do what you want with Kodi add-ons is if they actually create strm files. If they do, you can import those to your emby server, then Emby for Kodi will add them to your library and it should work as any other items and will launch the appropriate Kodi add-on when played in Kodi.

Then in your emby server, just add the library folder containing the strm files. Emby should take care of the rest, such as metadata and artwork. Then Emby for Kodi will pick it up and import it into Kodi automatically.

I was able to map my TV Show addon to a directory on my server. This is where the strm files will be placed. I have Kodi also running on the server so subscription updates will auto run on the server. The Emby server picks that up and updates all of the libraries. The only limitation, and this is not a big deal for me, is that I wound be able to add new library (strm) files when I am traveling or off my network. Again, this is not a big deal.

Context menu item to add links to TV shows and movies from other add-ons in Kodi library, as .strm files. The addition allows you to check for new episodes and seasons, manage added content, and to receive full information from the library to playable .strm files.More information can be found in the help section.Details on

Thanks, found that out.I dumped 22 .strm files in my Imports/Movies directory and just like normal local content file imports I had to fix incorrect match on some. Tested to make sure they worked, trashed them, emptied the trash and saw that Channels DVR deleted the .strm files.

That explains why i can't get it to work. But i see 1 super cool use for this feature. Revolving VOD content. There are a few different scripts on github the convert m3u8 playlist VOD section into *.strm files. Can also use it to map google drive with videos.

I've got a handful of STRM files installed now, looking forward to adding more. The content "imported" this way works the same as actual media files, as far as Channels DVR is concerted, it treats them the same. I've found that videos added by STRM files even work in Virtual Channels. At least on tvOS. Very cool!

The easiest way to get access to your IP camera system is by setting up a direct stream. Kodi supports the RTSP streaming protocol using *.strm files. Each *.strm file holds a URL with all of the information Kodi needs to access the RTSP feed

Most DVR programs will let you change where your recordings are stored. If you create a security camera library in Kodi, and write your files there, you should be able to livestream your cameras and watch recorded events on your TV.

Kodi and Plex are not streaming services. They are media center applications that provide a way to import your own ripped DVDs, downloaded movies, and other media files. Both Plex and Kodi also provide an interface to some other streaming services, but the main value comes in managing and streaming your own personal media library.

To set up another Kodi node on the network to use this library, simply copy /.kodi/userdata/advancedsettings.xml to that box and restart Kodi. There is NO need to copy any other files or to do any other setup steps on the new kodi node. The nfs exports, the metadata for the programming, any stop/start times, view status, etc. are all stored in the SQL tables.

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