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Star Traders: Frontiers Download PC Game Free

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Star Traders: Frontiers Download PC Game

Really fun game, lots of complexity, challenge, and replay-ability. Our main gripe with these kinds of games is that to play optimally, it requires some very tedious save/reloading to roll good crew, missions, etc. Id give this a 4, maybe 5 star review if it werent for the User Interface (UI), which was clearly made for a PC with a keyboard+mouse and a large screen. Many buttons are super small and hard to click on, font sizes are super small, and accidentally selecting the wrong item due to an errant finger swipe, getting a phone call, etc. Is a very real possibility. This last point can be especially brutal considering the permanent and brutal consequences of single actions in-game. Would have been nice if the developers had made more optimizations for the mobile app UI when they ported this over, but we get it, time is money and this a way for them to make some bonus cash from a game they already developedI just wish it didnt few that way.

Have you ever played an in the game and thought to yourself wow, that was a horrible design choice that youd never see in a AAA game? Well, this is the kind of game that features a myriad of those. Theyre not the kind of mistakes that are borne of creativity, but instead the kind that a seasoned game dev team lead would say actually, that would prevent X type of player from doing X type of thing the way they want. Weve found thats its better to do Y literally basic, first year game design school stuff. For example: we have always been someone who plays games and the hardest difficulty, so this complaint is not necessarily about our experience, but it could affect yours. About 2/3 of all ships in the game, as well as half of the starting classes are locked behind achievements that you must play the game on progressively herder difficulties to unlock. Not only that, but often times the requirements for the achievement require you to build your captain and crew in such a way that you will not even be able to use the thing you unlocked in that play through, requiring you to do a full restart solely to use the thing that you spent all that time getting. Most of the ships and classes are unlocked in this bafflingly tedious manner. This is not much more than an annoyance for us, but a system that locks half its content behind stuff that not every player will be able to achieve is bad game design. Save your money.

We learned the game on the easier difficulties, decided to start trying out the harder difficulties so its not as boring and the arbitrary nature of the RNG system ruined it for us. Hyperspace jump nav check fails (causing massive fuel loss), losing in combat (despite being twice the level and outclassing other ship), being given missions we couldnt complete, being constantly attacked by ships (despite investing in stealth) the list goes on. We like a challenging game, not being game overed repeatedly by things outside of our control. The game is ok otherwise, lots of variety, things to do, customization, and more. Story is flat, art is sub-par.

Backed the game on KS years ago and still loving it. However, when rolling a new captain, we often spend an hour or so rerolling until we get an initial crew which Im comfortable playing with. We would be really interested to see a complete custom crew feature, where at a minimum, the attributes or other starting features (traits, jobs) of our officers could be determined. Personally, Id rather start with a Commander than a Quartermaster, a starting Nav officer always gets dumped, as will anyone Ill Tempered, Rigidly Lawful, and 2/4 starting fighter crew (soldier/swords/pistoleer), and our starting Doc is one of our primary fighters, so we usually reroll until Im certain theyd eventually survive the Jyeeta. Again, great game, love it, but after so many playthroughs, this would be interesting (even as a post Jyeeta unlock).

This game is magnificent. It is a turn-based RPG that combines two of our favorite things- the Wild West and the Millennium Falcon. Many moons ago, we downloaded a free demo of the original star traders RPG. It was an unassuming game with very simple graphics, and we enjoyed it enough that we downloaded it again each time we got a new phone for over a decade. Recently we upgraded our phone again, and discovered the long-awaited sequel (which, after a decade, we had written off) to the old indie game we loved. It is everything we hoped for and more. All the elements we loved from the old game are on steroids- the hokey charm, the feeling of desperation as we hold our ship together, zipping around the galaxy looking for work that isnt TOO unsavory, staying one step ahead of the authorities and a few centimeters from a frozen death in the void of space. Let us tell you about permadeath. On the higher difficulties, there is only one save file, and when your captain dies that file is deleted. Permanently. That mechanic makes this game feel absolutely real. You will get more invested in your captain and your crew than you ever did for Master Chief or Laura Croft, and when one of your people dies, they die forever. Its sad. Legit. You could turn permadeath off, but IMO you would be doing yourself a disservice, because that pulls you into the immersive experience. Each of your crew had personality traits that affect their stats and their gameplay. Often its very minor, and it seldom feels burdensome, but we have had to fire experienced crewmen because they got addicted and mean- one too many weeks in the void. Some traits can be fixed by doctors- it is the future, after all- but thats pricy, doctors that do it arent everywhere, and there isnt always enough coin to do what you want. Sometimes you will have to make hard choices. One last thing that we appreciate is that this is turn based and solo. If Im on airplane mode, thats fine. If we have to put our phone down because something comes up, no big deal. There is no penalty for having a life and not saving because it effectively saves every time you give an order.

We really want to love this game. But the bugs make it unplayable. First it was fuel consumption, now its Reputation. (How does adding 4 reputation to a base of 0 result in a -6? Not once, but multiple times with multiple NPCs) we really enjoy playing but not if we have to delete the game and restart just as we get to a fun level. Ill check back later to see if its been fixed, but until then Ill play something else.

We have gone back and forth on this game. Pros: It is incredibly well made with a staggering level of detail in terms of the universe and also managing/upgrading your ship and crew. It runs very well, and we have never experienced glitches or crashes. The art is also really cool. The stories are well designed. They dont feel hokey or childish but rather embrace a complex system of alliances and enemies that make each play through potentially different. We like being able to choose gender of your character, as we are a woman and we get tired of being forced to play male characters. Cons: this is a very slow grind, and after awhile the turn based combat, whether between ships or crews, gets old. This is not so for everyone and many will not mind this. Space travel also becomes repetitive and as you progress through each mission requires multiple jumps and often visits to planets to refuel on the way. This just got boring to us after a while. An auto save feature and a way to shortcut through travel, combat etc if you want would really help open this game to a more casual audience. We couldnt even begin to scratch the surface of this game until quarantine cleared our calendar. Just starting out is so difficult. This is not a universe one can fully explore right away. You can easily find yourself in a rabbit hole where you have no money, no fuel, no chops in combat and your ship is teeming with mutiny. We had to restart 5 or 6 times. The learning curve is steep and death comes easy if you venture to an area above your skill level. We finally started with the option that gives you a good ship and that helped us get going. We hope this honest review helps people decide. This is a game some will love, but we think we will be uninstalling soon.

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