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Grupo La Ruta del Jade

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Neopets Discord

\u201Cthe venn diagram of active neopets users and crypto mouthbreathers is two circles a light year apart,\u201D Twitter user fallentemplis wrote. \u201CI\u2019ve never seen such a breathtaking display of stupidity and mismanagement of a website, and i used tumblr for years\u201D

Neopets Discord

Founded in 1999, Neopets is best known for its classic browser game (, which has captured the hearts and created countless core memories for more than 150 million fans across the globe. The IP's most recent project, Neopets Metaverse, aims to bring the highly appreciated virtual pet game into the decentralized world, offering players the opportunity to own and monetize their gaming experiences on the blockchain. The game will be free-to-play and accessible to crypto natives and casual players alike. 350c69d7ab

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