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ReLIFE (Dub) Episode 2

Sword, a massive man who prefers bare-knuckle brawling to donning his golden armor and wielding his sword, ends up protecting a young girl who's being preyed upon by a particularly nasty horror as part of a "monster of the week" framework. For folks who love the insanity and creativity of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, this feels like a sister series (and is the one I prefer, personally.) There are quite a few homages and prayer rituals to big-breasted women in this crazy series but somehow Sword's earnestness and gentlemanly behavior keeps it on the funny side of pervy. Bolstered by a solid English voice cast, killer soundtrack, and spot-on direction, this sort of anime version of Supernatural will keep you on your toes as you watch the story unfold. And despite some oddities, like a 9/11-derived side story, the only downside is that this collection of episodes ends halfway through the run without so much as a cliffhanger.

ReLIFE (Dub) Episode 2

Kino talks to their anthropomorphic motorcycle Hermes to start the story, waxing philosophical about the road and their journey ahead, and what they'll need to do to keep going, at any cost. That's the theme that continues throughout this incredibly unique story that sees the unlikely duo entering new countries in each and every episode, encountering all sorts of interesting and multidimensional characters along the way.

By Part 3, the story feels a lot goofier than last I remembered. The characters have all grown up a bit and, for those who haven't met in the series so far, are all introducing themselves to each other, so there's a lot of tension (romantic, rivalry, and otherwise). The Twin Stars are out working while the rest of the exorcists hang out at home chatting. It takes a bit to get going, but when it does, Twin Star Exorcists delivers some of the familiar action beats fans are used to seeing from the earlier episodes of the series.

BONES is behind the animation in this one, which explains why it looks so crisp and packed to the brim with insanity. We follow along with the peacekeepers of Libra as they attempt to clear the streets of trouble and prevent the horrors of this city from spreading to the outside world. But it's not just wall-to-wall craziness; there are some decent two-part episodes that delve into character exploration quite a bit and really get viewers to connect with even supporting players.Fans of Hellboy and R.I.P.D. should check this one out.

The story is a pretty common one but there are some cool new wrinkles thrown into the mix here. The characters are dynamic and likeable despite their questionable stance when it comes to the prophecy, and there's a great bit of mythology that introduces a musical magic to the world, known as Fonic Hymns. Additionally, the storytelling of every episode features great cliffhanger endings that will have you pushing "Play" again and again.

While the English dub is pretty bad in this, the story is worth a watch; I switched over to the Japanese audio rather quickly and was glad that I did. The slow and methodical storytelling throughout the season is a refreshing change, but it might be too slow and thoughtful for some. Things get uncharacteristically wacky by the final episode, but it's worth a watch for the relationship between Jinto and Lafiel, a story that continues in Banner of the Stars.

The first episode of this follow-up series, which includes two seasons, includes a solid recap of Crest of the Stars for those who need a refresher. And whether you see the first season of the space-based saga or not, it's best to know that the story really revolves around the relationship between Lafiel and Jinto with intergalactic war as a backdrop. The English dub is better this time around and the entire series is worth watching if only for the touching conclusion to the star-crossed lovers' story. 041b061a72

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