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Feuer NCLEX Nursing Review Lecture Audio MP3 ##VERIFIED##

The comments made about not jumping from review to review, I have to agree with. I have failed boards twice. I'm scheduled again June 23. I have the Kaplan, Hurst, and about 5 other books on nclex questions and review material. I forgot to mention the NCLEX 3500 CD. I had been told more than once during school that I search too deep for information. It's so hard to get a good understanding of things when your reading so many books. I have learned by forcing on one "good book" and by saying "good book", I simple mean something you can understand and connect with. When I finally closed ALL of the books, stepped back and looked at what I had been doing and KNEW it was NOT working......I realized there where so many whole in my knowledge base. So, I have been reading over my notes from school. Taking it system by system and trying to get a better understanding of things as a whole. Now, since I started doing my NCLEX questions again, I have a better understanding of things. (even the rationale when I answer incorrectly. Its been 8 months since I graduated and there were so many "little" things I had forgotten.

Feuer NCLEX Nursing Review Lecture Audio MP3

It is nice to have the Feuer audio lectures to reinforce what you learned and what you are reviewing, and there are many valuable tips these lectures will give you in terms of your future nursing practice and legal pitfalls to beware of / avoid as well as just using these to help you pass your NCLEX. They also review delegation and prioritization issues very well.

These sets will not only help you review to pass the NCLEX, but they are wonderful just to listen to and gain valuable knowledge that you may not have fully gotten from nursing classes. The sound quality is excellent and the speakers are highly experienced, yet take a down to earth approach that maintains your interest with little stories that will help you remember the content better. It is well organized and very professionally done. They stay focused on delivering what is important to know while holding you interested. I learned so many things I did not know or did not know as well as I thought I did.

Even if you have already taken the NCLEX, I think these lectures will help build your confidence and help you think more like an experienced nurse. The Feuer nurses take a much more friendly approach to teaching than what you may have experienced in your clinicals and classes. It makes you relax. Sometimes, they will explain how to answer certain questions on NCLEX. Their approach is that they are there to help you. It is a very friendly relaxed yet professional approach. I wish some of my nursing instructors had been a bit more like Feuer instructors.

Someone stated that these Feuer sets were a bit "pricey", but I feel that they are pretty good for the money, considering how many CDs you get and the ease of listening and the effort Feuer company has made to make these top quality reviews. For the 28 CD set, not counting the booklets, it is about $205.00 and only about $7.00 a lecture. Along with that, the booklet material is good also.

The Feuer Pharmacology Set is a 6 CD set and includes: Legal Issues, Methods of Administration ( lot of helpful review as well as tips from experienced nurses and including little things that could cause or prevent a lawsuit ), Pharmacokinetics, Drug Classifications, Herbal Meds, IV Therapy, Drug Calculations. They lectures are done in such a way that it is not just throwing out facts, but putting pieces together in a way you can remember better. They also tell some stories of incidents that created problems or embarrassment and you will make sure to avoid those, because the stories are interesting and make a point.

Ever imagined studying while on the go? course makes it possible with audio versions of lectures. With the mobile app feature, you can listen to lessons while taking a walk, working out, or driving.

Practice makes perfect with Saunders Q&A Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination, 7th Edition. This popular review offers more than 6,000 test questions, giving you all the Q&A practice you need to pass the NCLEX-RN examination! Each question enhances review by including a test-taking strategy, rationales for correct and incorrect answers, and page references to major nursing textbooks. Questions are organized to match the Client Needs and Integrated Processes found in the most recent NCLEX-RN test plan. Q&A practice is also provided on an Evolve companion website, with many study and testing options. From the most trusted name in NCLEX review, Linda Anne Silvestri, this resource is part of the popular Saunders Pyramid to Success.

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