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Blood For The Blood God Warhammer Pdf

Blood for the Blood God: A Warhammer Fantasy Novel

Blood for the Blood God is a novel by C L Werner, set in the grim and dark world of Warhammer Fantasy. It tells the story of the Skulltaker, a feared champion of Khorne, the god of blood and slaughter. The Skulltaker is a lone warrior of hideous strength and power who roams the Chaos Wastes, slaying all who stand between him and his destiny. He is cursed by Khorne to collect the skulls of worthy foes, or else suffer eternal torment in the Realm of Chaos.

The novel follows the Skulltaker's gory quest to be free of his curse, as he faces various enemies and challenges along the way. He encounters rival champions of Khorne, daemonic beasts, savage tribes, and even a powerful vampire lord. He also crosses paths with a group of adventurers who seek to stop him from reaching his final destination: the Brass Citadel, the fortress of Khorne in the heart of the Realm of Chaos.


Blood for the Blood God is a blood-soaked tale of carnage and chaos, but also a character study of a complex and tragic anti-hero. The Skulltaker is not a mindless brute, but a proud and honourable warrior who follows his own code of conduct. He respects his enemies and grants them a fair fight, even if he ultimately seeks to take their skulls. He is loyal to Khorne, but also questions his fate and his relationship with his god. He is driven by a desire to end his curse, but also by a deeper longing for something more.

The novel is available as an eBook from Black Library, or as a free download from Internet Archive. It is also featured in a compilation video on YouTube, which combines corny voice acting and dramatic music to create a humorous parody of the novel. Whether you are a fan of Warhammer Fantasy or not, Blood for the Blood God is a novel that will keep you entertained and engaged with its action-packed and emotional story.

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