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Raag Parichay Book Bhag 1

Raag Parichay Book Bhag 1

Raag Parichay Book Bhag 1 is a book written by Pt. Harishchandra Shrivastava, a renowned musicologist and scholar of Hindustani classical music. The book is published by Sangeet Sadan Prakashan and is available in Hindi language. The book is a part of a series of four books that cover the theory and practice of Hindustani music, with a focus on the raags, or musical modes.

The book introduces the basic concepts of Hindustani music, such as swar (notes), saptak (octave), shruti (microtones), that (parent scale), vadi (sonant), samvadi (consonant), anuvadi (assonant), vivadi (dissonant), aroha (ascending scale), avaroha (descending scale), pakad (catch phrase), jati (class), and lakshan (characteristics). The book also explains the notation system used in Hindustani music, which is based on the Bhatkhande system.


The book then presents the details of 32 raags, which are divided into two categories: shuddha raags and chhayalag raags. Shuddha raags are those that follow the rules of their parent scales strictly, while chhayalag raags are those that deviate from the rules to create different shades and moods. The book provides the aroha, avaroha, pakad, vadi, samvadi, time of performance, and rasa (sentiment) of each raag, along with some compositions and examples to illustrate their features.

The book is a valuable resource for students, teachers, and enthusiasts of Hindustani music, as it provides a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the raags, which are the foundation of this musical tradition. The book is written in a simple and lucid language, with diagrams and tables to aid understanding. The book also contains a glossary of musical terms and an index of raags for easy reference.

The book can be purchased online from various websites, such as [Amazon] or []. The book has received positive reviews from readers, who have praised its clarity, depth, and authenticity. The book has also been recommended by many eminent musicians and scholars of Hindustani music.

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