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X2 ki Maut: The Ultimate Imran Series Book by Zaheer Ahmad

X2 ki Maut by Zaheer Ahmad is one of the most popular novels in the Imran Series, a spy fiction genre that features the adventures of Ali Imran, a secret agent who works for the Pakasia Secret Service (PSS). The novel was published in 1999 and is the 100th book in the series. It is considered to be the climax of the series, as it reveals the identity of X2, the mysterious chief of PSS, who has been hiding behind a mask for decades.

Plot Summary

The novel begins with a shocking news: X2 has been killed by a sniper in his office. The entire PSS is in chaos, as no one knows who X2 was or who killed him. Imran, who is X2's most trusted agent, is assigned to investigate the murder and find out the truth. He soon discovers that X2's death was part of a conspiracy by a rogue faction within PSS, led by Colonel Faridi, who wants to overthrow the Pakasia government and establish a dictatorship. Faridi and his followers have also kidnapped X2's daughter, Zara, who is the only person who knows X2's real name and face.


Imran embarks on a dangerous mission to rescue Zara and expose Faridi's plot. He faces many enemies and challenges along the way, including a deadly assassin named Black Cobra, a mysterious woman named Sonia, and a traitor within his own team. He also learns some shocking secrets about X2's past and his connection to Imran. Will Imran be able to save Zara and stop Faridi? Will he be able to find out who X2 really was? And what will he do when he faces X2's killer?


X2 ki Maut is widely regarded as one of the best novels in the Imran Series, as it combines suspense, action, humor, and romance in a thrilling story. The novel also pays tribute to the legacy of X2, who has been a mysterious and charismatic figure throughout the series. The novel reveals X2's identity in a surprising and satisfying way, while also exploring his character and motives. The novel also shows Imran's loyalty, courage, intelligence, and humor, as he solves the mystery and saves the day.

The novel also reflects the political and social context of Pakistan in the late 1990s, when the country was facing instability, corruption, and military coups. The novel criticizes the abuse of power and the lack of democracy in Pakistan, while also celebrating the values of patriotism, justice, and freedom. The novel also portrays the culture and diversity of Pakistan, as it features characters from different regions, religions, and backgrounds.


X2 ki Maut is a masterpiece of spy fiction that captivates the readers with its plot twists, action scenes, witty dialogues, and emotional moments. It is a must-read for fans of the Imran Series and for anyone who enjoys a good mystery and adventure. It is also a novel that honors the memory of Zaheer Ahmad, who passed away in 2015 after writing more than 200 books in the Imran Series. He was one of the most prolific and popular writers in Pakistan, who entertained millions of readers with his stories.

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